St Jude Women’s Clinic – Your Fertility Treatment Clinic in Benin.

St Jude Women’s Clinic, Benin City is a division of St Jude’s Hospital (UK & ABUJA) that offers new hope and innovative fertility treatment for couples. We are driven by the desire to make your fertility a reality. Quality care is our tradition. SJWC has been assisting couples to achieve their dreams of having babies for over 15 years. We are dedicated to providing the full range of assisted conception treatments and have achieved an excellent reputation internationally based on high success rates.


Our Team

SJWC features some of the most experienced fertility experts in the country. Our team is committed to providing you with a warm, friendly and understanding environment while you seek treatments.

Our Benin Address


  • Full range of fertility tests and treatment99%
  • Miscarriage Clinic99%
  • Gynaecology Services including Cervical smears (PAP smear)94%
  • Women’s Health Screening96%
  • Antenatal Care93%
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