ST JUDE’S – Covid19 Update

November 12, 2019
COPING WITH COVID-19: Update from St Jude’s
March 23, 2020

ST JUDE’S – Covid19 Update

ST JUDE’S – Covid19 Update
Suspension of Assisted Conception Treatments

Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic escalates. As of today, the number of diagnosed cases in Nigeria has jumped up to 27. At least three of these cases are in Abuja, FCT. In the UK the number of diagnosed cases and related deaths from Covid-19 continues on the upward trend. In the UK the guidance from professional bodies is that Assisted conception treatments should be suspended in the interest of patients and staff.
From Monday 23 March 2020 Nigeria will closes the two top international airports – Abuja and Lagos. Most mass gatherings have been banned. Schools and Colleges have been closed. These measures are essential in order to limit the spread and lethal effects of the Covid-19 virus. No one knows, but Covid-19 may have detrimental effects on the pregnant mother and baby.

Having considered all of the above, the management of St Jude Hospitals and Clinics in UK and Nigeria (Abuja and Benin City), have decided that ongoing IVF/ICSI treatment cycles should be suspended with immediate effect.
Obviously, this will cause significant inconvenience and upset to many couples. We are very sorry, but the decision was taken in the best interests of patients and staff and the babies that may be born as a result of treatment.
We want to reassure all concerned that no one will lose money on account of this. Your treatment will be done to the highest standard when it is safe to do so. No extra payments will be required.
The UK prime minister have said that the virus may be contained within 12 weeks. I think we can work with this educated ‘guesstimate’ and anticipate that we may be in a position to re-start treatment planning in May/June. Clinic staff will keep in regular touch with every patient.
We encourage you to call or message the clinic for updates and if you have any questions.
Meanwhile stay safe, observe all precautionary advice and pray daily. It will pass and we shall remain standing. No shaking!

St Jude’s – 22 March 2020

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